Welcome to                      Sanshor Collies                               
when buying one of our collies we want to make sure that a rough collie puppy is the right breed for you so we would like you to fill out this QUESTIONARIE which is above. We will then look over the questionarie and give u a call back or email back. please understand we love our collies and want them to go to the best homes that is proper for them where they will get the love and devotion they will need.

All puppies here at Sanshor Collies are raised in our home and recieve alot of love and devotion and are very well socialized and excerised daily. 


We usually use Victor whole life, for our puppies, then for our adults we use Victor Professional. We use different kinds because sometimes collies have an allergy to the chicken ingredients. Which that means we sometimes have to use a different kind of Victor for them.

When finished with the questionarie form we will then talk with you more on what collie pup you are wanting. Whether it will be ( male or female) and what you are interested in having them for (a Pet/Companion or a Breeding/Show Collie.)

After you do and agree with the contract as well we will go ahead and put you down on the upcoming litter or the litter that you would like to be on. 

After picking a litter that you would like to recieve a puppy from. We will wait until for sure we know that our female is confirmed pregant. Once she is confirmed pregnant. A $300.00 dollar non-refundable deposit needs to be sent it, so this can hold your puppy. If for any reason to be you can not get a puppy from that litter or the female collie has a false pregnacy, then your deposit will then be moved or put to a different litter, unless theres reason otherwise. 

We would like the deposits/ as well as the balance of your puppy to be paid in a money order or Cash , we will not take ANY PERSONAL CHECKS, VISA, DEBIT CARDS.


 First pick of either Male or Female puppies from any litter will usually be Sanshors picking unless other wise.

Well will give you an email about 1-2 weeks prior and we will then let you know( when we have the time, please understand when having puppies it takes alot of our devotion and time with the mother as well as their puppies.) We will let u know depending on what sex you want whether is male of female how many there is and what spot of picking you are in.

After about 4-6 weeks we will then contact you and let you know how the puppies are doing. As well as we will then allow you to pick which puppy you would want depending on which litter it is and depending on whether you want  show/breeding puppy or a companion puppy. If you live close by we will try to arrange for you to come and see the puppies and pick which one you would like in the order of your deposit, if you do not have a deposit on a puppy yet we will still arrange a day for you to come see them after you do the questionaire and we speak with you first then we can pick a day for you to come by and see them but that only is for the puppies that are still avaiable. (which will also be on our website as well)  If you far away we can send you photos of the avaiable puppies in the order you sent your deposit in. The puppies that are avaiable and that do not ave deposits on you will see them on our site we will also send you photos of them however you will still need to do he questioniarie and we will need to speak with you then if we and you decide on getting a pup from us you will need to send in your deposit for the one that you will want.

Once the puppies are 8 weeks old:

We will send you updated photos when we can of them as they grow as well i forgot to mention.(please not that once puppies start to walk, run and play, its alot harder to take photos of them) but we ill do our best when we can. 

We really would like once the puppies turn 8 weeks old the rest of the payment for our collie puppies. However sometimes we will not let them go until we feel they are ready until they are about 12-14 weeks which will be about 3-4 months old. We usually feel that 8 weeks is still to early and harsh on a puppy that is why we wait alittle bit longer. We also wait alittle longer bcs of certain test that have to be done before they leave or we would like to get done. So. if they are 12-14 weeks, which we will let you know but if we decide we feel they need to stay until then which most of the time we do, we would like the rest of the balance of the full payment arond 12 weeks.

Once we say they are ready to go we will then contact you and let you know you may come get your puppy.  We will contact you in the order of your deposits and only allow the the one family to come in the order of the deposit to ensure that the other families can get their puppy they have chosen.  


yes we do ship not to worry at all all but how ever that is extra and you are responsible to pay for that. That is not included in the price of your puppy. Please understand when shipping a puppy we have to get a puppy health cerificate so your puppy is able to come to you. We also have to get an airfare crate, and their cost of traveling. So If you do not live close by and you need your puppy to be shipped. We can and will do this however you are responsible for the balance of shipping as well as the price for  your puppy usually with the cost of crate as well as shipping and vet certificate will be about $250.-$350.  but like i said it depends on where you live also, it may be alittle more than that.

I USAULLY ONLY SHIP ON CONTINETIAL AIRLINES AND WE WILL IF NEED TO BE USE AMERICAN AIRLINES, they are the best airlines that I know and like using. However, if you do have a specific preference to which you need your puppy on please talk it over with us.


Also you wll want to get certain things for your puppy so you are prepared here is something for you:
wee wee pads, toys, food, puppy play pen, dog/puppy crate, bowls, collar and leash, training treats as well as regular treats
You will want to make your puppy feel at home so your puppy will be comfortable. When they get there.

Before your puppy gets there also you may want to puppy proof your house first being th puppies indeed like to chew bcs they are teething, and also get into alot of things when they are puppies. So, its best to puppy proof your house or an area they will be sleeping in ( a gated off room, puppy pen, or a crate) i would prefer a puppy play pen or crate to sleep in only bcs they are more secure than other things. When crating you will want to put toys in their and possibly a bed make sre the bed i washable just in case an accident does happen, also i prefer getting  bedding for a puppy that isnt big and where they can tear it up a medium one that they can't chew like a bed matt for dogs puppies i believe and a few wee wee pads in there just in case. 

After your puppy gets to you an comes home to you please remember your puppy is still a puppy and the first night without is brothers and sisters as well a their mom is the most hardest night for them. They may have an accident or to out of fear at first DO NOT punish them as soon as they get home to your house give them alittle time to adjust before you start to train them, a day or so i would say. 
Make sure you give your puppy plenty of toys to play with as well as lots of love and care. 

Also make sure about week after you get your puppy or acouple days after you get your puppy you should take them a vet to get a check up as well as get any updated shots and wormings they will need. 

Also please send us updates on how you and your family loves your collie(s) as well as some photos we will then read the emails and put them on our testimonies page:). We love to hear how happy our families our with their Sanshor Collie puppy.

If you have any questions feel free to call us or email us and we will be happy to help you:). We hope you enjoy your collie as much as we do ours.
​please fill out our collie questionarie form and email it back to us when it is all finished. If it is not fill out completetly we will not contact you back thank you.