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On June 5,,2012 Our Sanshor Goldust O'Washoe gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies 3 girls and 2 boys 2 sable &white females, 2 sable & white males, and 2 beautiful tri-headed whites.
June 12,2012- Today  we wanted to update everyone on how both mom and puppies are doing they are all doing great. The puppies are growing quickly they are 2 weeks old today.
June 26,2012- Today our puppies are 4 weeks old and growing every lil bit. We love watching them grow. 
July 10,2012- Our puppies are now 6 weeks old and growing like weeds. They are now old enough to be let out to play with our older collies. We now let them out of their puppy pen to explore and interact and let them see different things and smell different smells. We are also watching their temperments as they are growing.
July 24,2012- The puppies are now 8 weeks of age. They sure love getting into everything now:) but we still love them in every way possible. We are still intereacting with them to see whos temperment is whos and what personalities they all have. Every day is a different personaitly as they keep growing. We will give u more updates as they come.

December 25, 2012- I wanted to wish everyone  a Merry Christmas from Sanshor Collies to our new and old collie families and friends. 
December 31, 2012- I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year from Sanshor Collies to everyone one of our new and old collie families. I hope 2012 was a great and fun safe year and we wish everyone the best 2013 this year.
January 9, 2013- Sanshor Collies hopes the new year of 2013 will be great and hopefully if everything goes right we will have some planned litters. Today was the day that one of our puppies Joy left us and went to a new home in LA with a great family that will love and care for her. She will be missed :(, At 9 pm i heard from the owner and was told she made it safely to them. We gave him acouple days so that she would fit comfortably in her home. We found out that she is doing very well and they love her dearly and are very happy with her 
​January 5, 2012- Today Sanshor Snow and Ice has turned 7 months old now. She is growing so fast and becoming even prettier as we speak every day. Today is also her sibling brothers and sisters birthday. We hope our families with her siblings are doing great as well and enjoying them. 
January 13, 2012- Today is one of our other Sanshor Collies birhday today Southland Keep On Dreamin, he now is 12 years old. He is still our very affectionate boy and still hanging in there. 
January 14,2013- All of our Sanshor Collie kids are doing very well, running around and playing like they normally do. I have been also working with Sanshor Snow & Ice for showing. 
January 18, 2013- Here at Sanshor Collies, we have been doing some grooming, and bathing of some of our collies. We are getting Sanshor Snow & Ice and Ch. Sanshor Gold Dabloon Of Washoe, bathed and groomed for the show that we are attending to. We are attending to the morning show at the Piedmont Collie Club specialty.. We have high hopes for our Sanshor Snow & Ice we hope she does great in the ring. We will keep you posted on how the show went as an update tomorrow. Wish Sanshor Collies great luck.